We are delighted to recommend the work of Pivot Osteopathy, who shares the premises with The Daily Massage.

Pivot Osteopathy - at The Daily Massage, Paddington

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At Pivot Osteopathy, we treat and educate people of all ages and all walks of life. We have a particular focus on the treatment and management of complex issues, particularly pelvic and low back pain as well as pain arising during or after pregnancy. We look at the body as a whole unit and incorporate hands-on treatment and education, to help you achieve long term resolutions.

If you have a chronic condition we will work with the rest of your healthcare team to get you moving and functioning as you should. Our role is to ensure that your body moves in a biomechanically efficient way. Osteopathy can treat many conditions, view our list and see how we can help you today.

Pivot Osteopathy - Operating beside The Daily Massage, Paddington

Meet Sarah

B.App.Sci (Hum.Bio), M.Ost (with honours)

Sarah is the owner of Pivot Osteopathy and an Osteopath with a passion for back and pelvic health. She completed her training in New Zealand, graduating with a Masters with Honours in Osteopathic Medicine and promptly moved to Brisbane seeking warm weather and sunshine.

Sarah believes that rehabilitation should be as fun and as easy as possible. She has a professional, yet relaxed approach, placing an emphasis on education and self-management strategies. Her focus on education extends beyond the treatment room, as Sarah delivers talks to companies as part of their health and wellness programmes.

As an Osteopath, Sarah appreciates that the whole body is interconnected, which means that she will not only treat the area of pain, but will address the body as a whole. Her treatment style is gentle, but direct. She uses a variety of techniques including soft tissue massage, mobilisation, stretching, manipulation and myofascial release; tailoring each treatment to the individual.

Sarah completed her Master’s research project on chronic low back pain, working with top professionals around Queensland and Auckland to improve her understanding of pain and the best treatments for chronic conditions. She devotes considerable time to keeping up-to-date with the latest research and has completed additional training in Pilates Rehabilitation, functional biomechanics and behaviour modification.

Sarah has lived in a number of countries including New Zealand, Zimbabwe, South Africa, England and Canada. When she isn’t working she loves travelling, horse-riding, white water kayaking and curling up with a good book. She also enjoys spending time with her favourite people, of both the human and furry varieties.

Email: hello@pivotosteo.com.au

Phone: 0422 626 061

Lower Level, 175 Given Terrace, Paddington (By appointment only)